Preserving Personal Memoirs

Preserving Your Life Story for Future Generations

Preserving Your Life Story for Future Generations

I found the whole process easy and very worthwhile. Just knowing that my great grandchildren will be able to read and listen to my story is amazing.

Each of us has a lifetime story to tell but will we leave a family legacy or will those personal memoirs and family memories fade over time and be lost?

Your life story or the life story of a significant member of your family is something to be treasured for your future generations but often setting your personal memoirs down on paper, writing an autobiography, writing a family memories biography or a life story book is too daunting a task.

Lifetime Memories and Stories helps you capture and preserve your family memories easily and publish them for you in a beautiful life story book and life story audio CD your family can treasure forever.  We will work with you or your family member in a friendly and easy way to create your life story book from an initial no obligation chat to within a few short weeks having your personal memoirs book to share with your family.

Our personal historians are experienced at taking the difficulty out of memoir writing.

Recording your life story and preserving family history is much more than the collecting dates and documents; it’s the family stories and personal memoirs which really help each of us connect with who we are and where we come from.

Call us and find out just how easy we can make recording your personal memoirs for you.

Information on how Lifetime Memories and Stories can help you preserve your personal memoirs and life story.