How to Ask Questions for Family History

2010 April 21
Respect Boundaries When Asking Family History Questions

Respect Boundaries When Asking Family History Questions

When you embark on family history research there comes a time when you want or need to ask family history questions of your living relatives.

Family members often have the real hidden gems to your family history that can make the time and research you invest in your genealogy jusdt that much more rewarding.

But how do you ask family history questions that will provide the answers you seek?

List to a Podcast with great family history question tips.

Families are made up of a complex web of interpersonal relationships with many subtle nuances that you may not even be aware of. When you ask questions about another person’s life story or ask family history questions seeking information, unknowingly you may be pushing against your interviewee’s boundaries in ways that are uncomfortable to them and you don’t even know it!

How can you get past some of the barriers that are present to find answers by asking the questions you want to?   How can you engage your subject and have them provide the information you are seeking?

To find some answers to these common questions and find the best way to ask family history questions I turned to relationship expert and licensed councillor Kim Leatherdale.  Remember families are relationships.  Who better to ask for tips on how to approach family members respectfully but a relationship expert.

In this podcast Kim Leatherdale and I explore the question of how to get a family member to open up to answering questions about our family history.  Kim provides some great tips on questioning techniques and what may lie behind the ducking and weaving we get sometimes when asking older relatives about the past.  Our conversation provides some great tips you can use in your quest for family history AND also in your everyday life.

Kim Leatherdale

Kim Leatherdale

Kim Leatherdale, LPC, ATR-BC, NCC is a professional relationship councillor and licensed therapist.  She counsels couples and individuals through video-counseling, phone sessions, and in-person meetings. Kim is a well-liked speaker and blogger and is based in New Jersey, USA.

Kim’s blog, Creating Rewarding Relationships, is packed with useful information on how you can improve and create rewarding relationships for yourself.

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