Lifetime memories and Stories oral history interviews on CD, life story book and CD or video biography will help you capture and preserve a fantastic snapshot of your story for your future generations in a way they will treasure.

How can you cover a whole life in an hour?
We can’t. What we can do is to focus on those areas of your personal memoirs and life story that you decide is the most important to be told and preserved for future generations.   Many people would like to write an autobiography book but never get around to it because an autobiography or complete family history can be a very lengthy and involved process.  If you would like to publish your own autobiography book in great detail we can introduce you to one of THE BEST self publishing experts who can help you through this process. Click here for more information or to contact The  Publishing Queen today for easy and affordable publishing help.

Can I have more of my family involved in the story telling?
Yes, we can arrange to interview couples or groups of people. This is however a different process with a different result. If you would like to be interviewed with your spouse or partner we can arrange for this. Your oral history interview is usually a combination of two types of interviews where the couple are interviewed both separately and together.
For larger groups of people this is a very different process and can be arranged where your group gathers at a central place. We do notice that the strongest personalities will generally come to the forefront whilst the quieter members, who may have equally important contributions to make in the life story telling, tend to be more timid in contributing.

This format for the interview is different from where one person shares their life story and will be discussed in more detail if you are considering this method.

But I think I would be too nervous in an interview.
Most people are a little nervous when sitting down for an interview; after all it’s not something that many people have done before. But really when you think a little more about it all you will be doing is having a chat about your life story and what you would like to preserve for your future generations. The interview will be about you and you are the expert on that subject.

Our oral historians are friendly, ordinary people who are genuinely interested in helping you pass on your stories. They are professional and experienced at helping people relax, you will soon find that you will forget the recording and concentrate on having a chat, because after all that is what the interview process is.

Can I have someone else there at the interview?
Certainly you may have someone else at the interview location when we come to do the interview. We find however that the interview will be more relaxed and achieve a better outcome for you if when the actual interview takes place it is only you and the interviewer, and in the case of a video biography the videographer, are present in the actual room where the interview is being conducted.

What if I say something I don’t want included?
It’s your story and you decide what you want included in it. Our interviewer will make a note at the time of the interview if you want anything removed. In a life story book project you will also receive a transcript of the oral history interview for minor corrections and you may also indicate at that time if you want something removed.

Does My Story Remain Confidential?
Our oral historians and employees preserve professional confidentiality at all times. Your information and story is kept confidential to you and we follow your instructions as to who has access to your story.

Who owns the copyright to my story?
You are the author of your own story and you own the copyright to it. You are able to say how and when it is used. In the case of another person commissioning the life story work you will need to agree to tell your story and also agree to them receiving a copy of the work they have commissioned before the project is commenced.

What photos should I include?
Before the oral history interview we will discuss the focus of your life story interview and following that send you an outline of the type of questions we will be asking. At this time we will also send you a memory jogger to help you select photos that best illustrate your story.

What if some of my photos are in bad condition?
As a part of your life story book or video biography process we will scan and colour correct your photos so that they are reproduced as well as possible. This is not a photo restoration service. We are able to introduce you to photo restoration services if you would like to have photos restored. In most instances the minor digital enhancement and colour correction that are included in Lifetime Memories and Stories packages will produce a result from your photos that you can be proud of and will look great in your book.

How long does the process take?
Whilst every life story project is different the usual time is  eight to ten weeks from the time of the oral history interview.

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