The Lifetime Memories Process

Tell the Story Behind the Picture

Tell the Story Behind the Picture

Lifetime Memories and Stories has a relaxed and easy professional process to help you or your loved one record their life story.  We have designed the process to help you achieve recording your personal memories in a way that is as easy and as relaxed as having a chat over a cup of tea or coffee with a friend.

Conversation with the Story Teller

After being commissioned for your project we will arrange to have a telephone conversation with the subject of the oral history interview.  If the subject is not also the commissioner of the story we will also talk with them.  The purpose is to talk about the areas of your lifetime memories that you would like your life story to focus on.  This may be early family history, your early years and growing up, your family, work, travels, hobbies or sports etc.  It is your story and we will discuss what you want to tell.

Oral History Interview Preparation

Following on from our conversation we will develop a series of open ended questions that will help draw out your story on your chosen subjects.  We will mail you a brief outline of the type of questions we will ask.  They won’t be the exact lifetime memories questions but will give you an indication of the type of questions.  We have found that if we send the exact questions people try and over prepare and become frustrated if they can’t remember the answers they have mentally prepared.

The interview process is easy, we are just asking you about your life and you are the expert on that.  We will also send you a reminder at this time to gather any photos or other documents you would like us to include in your life story book or video biography so that we may collect them for scanning and preparation at the time of our oral history interview.

Oral History Interview

We will arrange to travel to you either at your home or somewhere else that is convenient and comfortable for you.  All we need is a quiet comfortable location for you to tell your story in, where interruptions are at the minimum.  Allow for up to three hours for the oral history interview, however, if due to personal circumstances this may be too long a period then we will have pre-discussed and arranged to do the interview in separate sessions.

Life Story Audio Editing

We will edit your oral history interview to remove any ums, arghs and background noise into a flowing first person narrative of approximately one hour in length.  This will ensure that your lifetime memories story is presented in an interesting way and divided into audio tracks covering the different subjects of our interview.  This makes it a very enjoyable CD for you and your loved ones to listen to.  We will also provide you with a copy of the unedited interview for your records.
The process for a video biography is similar and will be discussed with you upon commissioning.

Interview Transcription

Your edited audio will be professionally transcribed into a flowing narrative.  The words remain your words; the story is your story.  It’s told in your own words so it really gives anyone reading it a real feeling of you.  A copy of this transcript is sent to you for minor correction of name spelling and any fact correction you would like to make.  This is not a rewrite of your story.

Life Story Book Layout

We will complete your life story book layout to the design upon which we have agreed.  Into this we will insert your oral history interview transcript and include your photographs that have been scanned and colour corrected.  Please note that whilst we do minor corrections to images this is not an image restoration process.  We will complete a table of contents so that the individual subjects in your life story book can be easily referred to.

Life Story Book Printing

Your life story book will be digitally printed using the latest available digital print methods and inks.  Printed on high quality 128gsm gloss art paper, that will reproduce your photos clearly; this will produce your work with a very luxurious feel.  Your book will be hard cover, case bound in black with gold embossed titling for your story and you as author.  A full colour printed dust jacket will protect and cover your book which will look beautiful on any coffee table or bookshelf.

Your Completed Life Story Book Package

Your life story book will be delivered to you in a beautifully presented gift box with your audio CD inserted into a special holder inside the front cover of your book, ready for your to share with your family, special friends and loved ones.