Personal Memoirs Writing – Motivation is Everything

2010 August 11

What’s your motivation for writing your personal memoirs?  Do you want to tell the story of an important event or series of events in your life?  Is it when you underwent a transformation of some kind?

Personal memoir writing is a pursuit which depends on your motivation to finish.  Start something without very clear thoughts on what your purpose is and, well, nothing much will happen.  Writers block and unfinished or unedited memoirs will be the result and they will soon mount up to a point where just looking at them is a daunting task.  Without a clear purpose before you start to write your autobiography or memoir when you take a break and put aside your pen you will never quite get back to them.

In this video, “Personal Memoirs Writing Video 001 – Motivation is Everything”, Oral Historian Greg Lawrence talks about clarification of your motivation before you begin to write.  What to consider when clarifying your purpose for writing your personal memoirs or autobiography.

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This is the first video in a series of a free online video training course on “How to Write Your Personal Memoir or Autobiography”.   The series will cover memory prompting, researching your memoir or autobiography, finding a theme, memoir structuring, writing and editing your memoirs and self publishing options for memoirs and autobiographies.

Any time you set out on a writing project you need to be clear about the why you are writing.  If you are writing just for yourself or for close family then write for that purpose.  If you are writing for family you can more freely use an informal writing style and include references to things that family insiders will inherently know about and nobody, well not many, will get upset if your writing style is a bit too clumsy or references are left out.

If you decide that your life story, personal memoirs or autobiography will be written for a wider audience then you will need to pay more attention to your writing style but equally you need to focus on just who is your target audience. For your memoir to have wider audience appeal you will need to pay more attention to providing contextual information and facts so that your readers are able to reference your writing and connect it to their own experience or general knowledge about the subject.

This video series will provide you with a methodology for uncovering the facts about your subject and how to organise those facts as writer’s fuel to increase the interest and engagement with your audience whether you are writing a for family or a much wider audience.

But why write your memoirs in the first place?  A memoir implies a focused piece of writing recalling a specific time or experience in your life.  It might be reminiscences about your work, family event or series of events but if you don’t have a strong motivation and passion you will rarely end up with a piece worth publishing in any form. That is if you end up with a finished piece at all.
Clarify your purpose and motivation for writing your personal memoirs before you start.

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