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2011 February 15
Do You Know Where Your Important Family Documents Are?

Do You Know Where Your Important Family Documents Are?

As an Oral Historian I am interested in the preservation of peoples’ stories.

I’ve now lost count of the number of times people have come up to me after I’ve given a talk on preserving family stories or after they have seen a family story book I have produced and said to me “I wish we had done that for Mum, Dad, Grandpa etc”. They never really thought about the preservation of their family stories until their loved one had passed on and were sorting through the family estate. It was too late, that particular story had been lost in all its rich detail.

Preserving stories, family history, historic photos and documents is important to me both professionally and personally so when I hear of a new service that helps preserve important family records my interest is captured. When I first met Guy Thornycroft and heard about “NowSorted” I instantly saw how valuable and how relevant this service is to preserving what is really important to families and I invited Guy into the studio for this podcast so he can tell you about it.

List to the podcast about how to safeguard your family documents.

“NowSorted” helps members of a family to bring together and document all of the important documentary records and papers that make up a family estate. It helps make sure the right information is in the right hands, at the right time. Important personal papers; wills, share certificates, insurance policies, passports, family letters, the core documents of life that are so necessary for an individual or family during their life especially when working with a family estate.

I think once you listen to the interview I have done with Guy you too will see the value of organising your family estate matters with “NowSorted”. So I really recommend taking the 15 minutes or so to listen to today’s podcast because I believe it will have valuable information for you and may just help you and your loved ones save a lot of worry at a crucial time in your family’s life.

Guy Thornycroft is a “NowSorted” facilitator based on the Central Coast of NSW Australia.
You can contact Guy to find out more about how the service can help you and your family:
Phone: 02 4322 7686
Web: NowSorted family estate organising

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