How to Write an Autobiography

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Why do you want to write the story of your life? I am certainly not saying don’t write your personal memoirs, on the contrary, every person has an interesting story to tell and writing your autobiography is a great way to share it with people. But why do you want to do it?

This is the first question you will need to ask yourself before you actually sit down to write an autobiography. What is my motivation for writing my biography?
Am I interested in passing on my family history to future generations? Am I recording my personal history? Is it my work history or perhaps the work I have done in the community, something I want to share? Is it my personal values and philosophies? When I experienced “X” I underwent a personal transformation and do I want to share this experience?

Why is your story important? Spend some time pondering this.

All of the above are great reasons for writing an autobiography and certainly your own reasons will be personal to you. The reason you embark on, what can be a very rewarding, but time consuming project is what will provide you with the motivation to keep going and finish it. Once you have decided your reasons for setting down your personal memoirs you are going to be writing a lot of lists. This is where just spending time thinking about things and jotting them down and will help you build the structure of your story.

Telling your story in a written autobiography is a popular way to tell your story but it isn’t the only way. Writing an autobiography is a big commitment to time and maybe you would like to write your autobiography but don’t have the time or feel you have the writing skills to express yourself how you would like to. That is no longer a problem as there are many other options now available to you including have a ghost writer write your book for you, record an oral history life story, a videography where you tell your story and it is recorded and presented on video, or you could preserve it through a combined oral history audio book and life story book. No matter what method you choose to tell your story your own reasons for writing your autobiography will colour how it is approached.

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For your free guide to “How to Write an Autobiography”: