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We are a professional life story and oral history company dedicated to helping you preserve your life story for your future generations.

Principal of Lifetime Memories and Storied - Greg Lawrence

Principal of Lifetime Memories and Stories - Greg Lawrence

The principal of Lifetime Memories and Stories is Greg Lawrence.  Greg recorded his first oral history interview at the age of 15 in his birth country, New Zealand.  It was the story of a neighbour, a woman who had grown up in pioneering New Zealand and who had experienced a devastating bush fire that affected her whole family.  The sense of really being there as she described the fear, flames and aftermath of this horrific event brought it alive for him and ever since he has been captivated by the power of someone telling their own story in their own words.

Greg went on to travel the world and to listen at the feet of many a story teller from the remoteness of hill tribes in Northern Thailand to the rolling hills of North Wales, each story unique and totally captivating.  This ultimately lead to his establishing Talk’N Tours, an audio tour company specialising in historic guided audio tours of Australia and New Zealand and in joining the International Oral History Association where his interest in preserving stories through oral history was rekindled.

Lifetime Memories and Stories came into being as a way of preserving life stories in a way that captures a little of the personality of the teller and helps them pass on a family legacy of stories to their descendents.

We are based on the picturesque Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia just north of Sydney and will travel throughout Australia or worldwide to help preserve and capture your stories for future generations to enjoy.  Our team encompasses a wide variety of talented persons in the fields of oral history, audio recording and editing, videography, photo editing and book publishing.

Our experience at capturing and presenting life stories in a respectful and professional manner will ensure that your life story book is a work to be proud of.

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