Your Life Story

What's the Story?

What's the Story?

Preserve Your Story

Your life story and the life story of your loved ones is an important part of your family history and family memories.  Every person has their own story to tell and all family stories are interesting.

Your stories of triumph and despair, of poverty and wealth, growing up, the places and times you have lived in, your work and your family history are all an important part of the legacy you can pass on to your family.

As anyone who has embarked on a family history project will tell you, discovering the stories along the way bring their family to life and makes researching family history so worthwhile.  Along this journey many discover the life stories of their family; stories of parents, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles that help them connect more with their family and where they came from.

Memories Fade

Sadly, as we get older, some memories do fade and it is important to preserve your life story for your future generations so the important life stories of your family aren’t lost forever.  Lifetime Memories and Stories helps make this process easier for you. Our personal historian will come to you and, in a relaxed conversation, will record an oral history interview about your life story.  Before hand we will have discussed the areas of your life that you would like us to focus on.  It might be family history that was passed down to you, perhaps stories about your own work or family, the places and times of your life or perhaps you emigrated from another country and have stories surrounding moving to a new country.

Recording Your Story and Producing a Book Made Easy

It is your life story and you choose where to place the emphasis.It’s easy because all you have to do is talk about, well you, you and your family. After recording the oral history interview Lifetime Memories and Stories will edit the sound recording to remove the ums and ahs and fix any audio glitches so the sound is at a professional quality.  We will edit your personal memoirs into a flowing first person narrative of about one hour in length.  Care is taken to preserve the interviewee’s way of speaking so that the audio correctly reflects the real them. This audio is then professionally transcribed into a flowing written first person narrative.

Your Pictures Highlight Your Life Story

When we meet with you to record your life story we will also collect any photos or documents you would like to include in your life story book that you feel will illustrate your story.  These can be in any format and the photos and documents will be scanned and colour corrected for printing.  From your selection up to 20 of these images will be used to illustrate in your life story book and all of these items will be safely returned to you at the end of the life story process.

The text of your life story and your chosen images will be edited and laid out into your life story book format and a draft copy sent to you for review.  This is to check spelling of names and to make minor corrections that may be required.

Your life story book is then digitally printed in full colour and bound into a beautiful hard cover book.  The title of your life story and the author’s name is embossed in gold on the cover and a wrap around full colour printed dust jacket completes the life story book presentation.

A Life Story Presentation to be Proud Of

Included in your life story book is the audio CD oral history interview recording, playable on any CD player, and mastered in high quality audio on archival quality CD, telling your life story in your own words.

Information on our packages showing how you can record Your Life Story Book