Present Ideas for a Unique Gift

Our present ideas provide you with that very special unique gift for your family a truly unique gift for someone who has everything, a unique gift from the family to the family.

A Unique Gift of Memories

A Unique Gift of Memories

What could be more special than giving them the unique gift of you telling your life story for them or the family getting together to present a unique gift to a loved one and allowing them to tell their life story and presenting it for your family to treasure forever?

Our life story books and videographies make very special present ideas for anniversary gifts for your family.  It’s a totally unique and precious gift for your descendents, one that only the story teller can give.  It’s a fun project for all involved and Lifetime Memories and Stories handles it all for you.

We have had grandparents sharing their life story for their future generations and families getting together to give the unique gift of the story telling opportunity to the older members of their family.

Attractive gift certificates are available for you that are suitable for anniversary gifts, birthday presents, Christmas or any occasion where you are searching for present ideas and would like to present a truly unique gift. Why not get together with a few members of your family for a great present for that special memory and create a truely unique gift.